We are a woman- and minority-owned small business. Launched on September 1, 2020, in the midst of challenging times. Sun Dressed reflects the passion of Tanya Blomquist, its founder, and owner. Born and raised outside the United States, Tanya has had a successful career since emigrating first to the Midwest as a teenager. Eventually moving to California with her spouse and kids, Tanya became immensely successful in the corporate retail world, rising to become one of the very top interior designers at a major furniture manufacturer and retailer. Her success in the company made her literally the face of their media campaigns.
Then came 2020. Overnight, the pandemic closed retailers across the country, and thousands were furloughed or, worse, laid off. Tanya went from the top of her game to join the list of the unemployed. But now there was time to stop and think. Now 50, Tanya planned her next steps. Her love has always been fashion. And, in the new normal, dressing down had become the new “dress up.” Tanya felt women needed a comfortable, affordable look that also made them look and feel beautiful and stylish. Sun Dressed™ was born. 
So here we are today.  Sun Dressed™ is relaxed but full of energy. Comfortable but super cute. Confident but “I want a little attention.” Our clothes are all about how they feel on your skin and self. Affordable, comfortable, and yet stylish… So… Let’s be comfy, cozy, and look cute doing it. Was doubling down on small business when so many small businesses have failed a good idea?  “I’m convinced of it,” says Tanya. Knowing Tanya the Sun Dressed is only the beginning.



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